We Can Buy Your House Fast & Hassle Free

We Can Pay Cash 

While in most cases we make you a full cash offer, depending on the type / size of your property as well as your personal situation, we can develop advanced win-win strategies like Seller Financing to provide you with the best deal possible. 

We Buy in Any Condition!

Does your house need serious repair? No worries, our team of professionals have an extended experience with full rehab and we would love to make it shine again.

Close in 30 days or Less

Wonder how long it takes to sell your house to us? Typically from the day we get your request to the day you hand over the keys and receive your money you can expect a 30 day time frame.

No Commission or Closing Cost Fee

Since there are no third party agents involved, you can save 6% commission on the sale otherwise listed by an agent. We also typically pay for all inspections, transfer taxes and closing costs so you don't have to advance any cash for the deal to happen.

When Are People Working with Us

Facing Foreclosure or Stuck in Your Mortgage

Whether you are barely making, not making, or just sick of making mortgage payments on your property, we can help. Sometimes people get stuck paying mortgages which are not adding up to any equity, and you don't have enough cash to pay to have your house listed with a realtor, pay the money to fix it up for a sale, pay for the closing costs, and then pay to actually move. ‍If you are facing foreclosure, you risk losing the house, losing any money you have in the house and facing a devastating hit to your credit which will make it very hard to buy or even rent a new home. 
We have options to get you out of this situation!

 Pre-foreclosure and foreclosure are not the only homes we buy.

We can talk to you about seller financing, lease options and how we can actually PAY you CASH to MOVE!


Experiencing a Life Changing Event

Maybe you are getting a new job and relocating, going through a separation or divorce and needing to split assets, losing a family member and dealing with probate or just ready for a new location.

We can help you get out of your current house! There are many options available that we can discuss with you.


It's Time to Down-Size (or Up-Size)!

One of the most common areas of real estate changes we see is someone who is looking to downsize out of a larger house. Or perhaps your family is growing and you need more space! 

Not only are we interested in buying the house you are looking to sell currently, but we are also here to help you get into the house that you're ready to make your own.


Vacant Properties Bleeding You Money

Life happens. Properties are left and abandoned for a number of reasons.

We have seen houses left because there was a flood, fire or plumbing damage that left it uninhabitable and people feel it's just not worth fixing or the cost is too high.

We have seen people acquire properties through a death in the family and now you have a house or land that you can't (or just don't want to) deal with taxes and upkeep.

We are here to look at these properties and see if we can make an offer to get you out of this situation. ‍


Having Landlord Distress & Buyer's Remorse

Are you already an investor with properties you are managing?

Whether you have just one property or have a dedicated property manager with many properties and you are looking to cash out on some assets, we are here to talk!

Sometimes the allure of having an investment property with tenants doesn't actually pan out to make a profit for you, or your tenants are causing more damages than what it's worth. We can help with a number of options in these cases.